Data-Driven Agility
Driving Better Business Outcomes
In the New Digital Economy

In order to win in the age of the digital enterprise, businesses who can be agile and move at speed have the advantage. By quickly and easily accessing the right workers at the right time, companies can better respond to competitive threats and pivot to capitalize on new opportunities.

Organizations are looking to digital technologies for data-driven, agile and on-demand talent solutions to allow them to access critical skills, scale up and down to meet demand, and reduce recruiting costs and overhead.

As organizations start to deploy new techniques like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, opportunities arise to completely reimagine how work gets done. Their success will depend on the ability to apply data and insights to predict and transform in a fluid, rapidly changing business environment fueled by a steady stream of innovation.

From pulling reports to running queries to performing advanced analytics, we use data to develop insights and make decisions. Big data is powering new insights, meaning better decisions and better outcomes. Machine learning gets smarter, makes better recommendations, and enables more efficiency. When technology and data work in concert, you can anticipate, simulate and get smarter with every use.

At SAP Fieldglass, we’re using these new technologies to manipulate and identify patterns in data so our customers can extract value from their data and make better informed talent decisions.

SAP Fieldglass is pioneering talent solutions for the digital enterprise and helping organizations shape and implement new blended workforce solutions. Procurement and HR professionals can leverage these data-driven technologies to be more agile and drive better business outcomes. Agility and speed is key in this digital world, and nowhere is this truer than the workforce.

SAP Fieldglass Live Insights

SAP Fieldglass Live Insights provides workforce insights on-demand and helps organizations gain a deeper understanding of their external workforce.

Innovation is in our DNA.

SAP Fieldglass Live Insights

Get data-driven agility at speed with SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, an innovative machine learning-powered data-driven insights service, enabled by the SAP Data Network.

State of Contingent Workforce Management Report

Download the report to access a guide for navigating the future of work and get a better understanding of key external talent management topics.

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