Your External Workforce: Managing a Critical Part of your Talent Strategy

Webinar Date: April 1, 2018

Globalization and new ways of working are rapidly changing how organizations and talent interact. It’s increasingly likely that the top talent needed by a business might not be — and might not want to be — on its payroll. Leading organizations are engaging more external workers and services providers than ever before, enabling them to respond to shifting demand, access hot skills and complete projects with greater efficiency. But as this segment of the workforce grows, organizations must adopt new strategies to successfully manage it at every level.

Nestle Purina employs external talent across multiple categories to gain competitive advantage and help drive business forward. In this webinar, SAP Fieldglass and Nestle Purina discuss:

• Identifying key business drivers for engaging flexible workers
• The business case behind Nestle Purina’s external workforce management program 
• Real-world results from Nestle Purina’s program