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Creating a competitive advantage amid chaos: The power of an integrated talent strategy

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Disrupted supply chains. Fluctuations in market demand. A global pandemic. Geopolitical instability. Few could have predicted the events of the last two years. Fewer still can anticipate what lies ahead. With uncertainty the only guarantee in the new world of work, organizations require workforce strategies that deliver agility, flexibility, and innovation while remaining intuitive and cost-efficient.

Mike Hofman (External Workforce Management Lead, Roche Diagnostics), Nicole Knoblauch (Head of Operations - Switzerland, Hays Talent Solutions), and Kari Lessing (Global Solution Manager, SAP) explored how the implementation of an integrated talent strategy, grounded in technology, enabled Roche to thrive amidst uncertainty.

This webinar explores:

  • How collaboration built a crisis-proof strategy that could source, track and offboard workers, managed within a streamlined system.

  • The vital role that market-leading VMS technology played in scaling systems to respond to fluctuations in demand.

  • The unique value that dedicated workforce experts delivered in elevating Roche’s contingent candidate capability.


Are you confident your contingent workforce strategy could withstand a critical test?

Nicole Headshot

Nicole Knoblauch
Head of Operations - Switzerland, Hays Talent Solutions

Nicole has been the head of our workforce solution programmes at Hays Talent Solutions Switzerland for the last 7 years. She is a passionate leader and excellent human capital consultant and capable of designing, implementing, leading and developing workforce solutions.

Mike headshot

Mike Hofman
External Workforce Management Lead, Roche Diagnostics

Mike is a Program Lead of External Workforce for temp labour under People & Culture (HR) at Roche Diagnostics International in Switzerland. He brings 7 years of experience in the area of temp labour working with Fieldglass, Suppliers and an MSP. He has deep professional expertise in how to manage temp labour programmes.

Kari headshot

Kari Lessing
Global Solution Manager, SAP

Kari is a Global Solution Manager for Services Procurement under SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Networks. She brings 20+ years of experience in Total Talent and External Workforce services and solutions. She offers deep industry expertise and a relentless passion for helping organizations define and deliver the workforce needed to succeed in these volatile times.