Contingent Workforce Management - Royal Bank of Scotland Webinar

The digital economy is pushing financial services and insurance organisations beyond traditional business models. Rather than hiring workers as full-time employees, these businesses are engaging more external workers and services providers. Tapping on-demand talent enables them to access the skills they need, when and where they are needed, be more agile and accelerate business outcomes.

But security risks, compliance and governance add complexity to managing an external workforce.

Join this webinar to learn how Royal Bank of Scotland partnered with SAP Fieldglass and Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) to create a market leading programme to:
•  Gain visibility and control of spend
•  Establish compliance
•  Access a multi-channel workforce that can help save money and open doors to new talent
•  Simplify the process of engaging and managing external workers and statement of works

Watch a replay below, or watch on the SAP Fieldglass YouTube Channel