Essential Questions to Ask During Your Search for a VMS Provider

Evaluating a vendor management system (VMS) can be an overwhelming process – how can you be assured you’re asking the right questions?

In this collection of three whitepapers, we have broken down the entire evaluation and selection process so you can understand each phase and navigate the search, demonstration, and reference check with confidence.

Essential Questions to Include in a Vendor Management System Request for Proposal (RFP)

As you begin to assess different vendors, this document can help guide your RFP and ensure the most important areas to your business are addressed sufficiently. You will want to conduct a thorough review of the vendor’s business model, core functionality, and differentiating offerings such as business intelligence, integrations, and customer service. In addition, a vendor management system should be capable of managing both contingent workers and services providers.

Essential Questions to Ask During a Vendor Management System Demonstration

The VMS demonstration is an opportunity for you to see the interface, learn how to manage specific tasks, and have all your questions answered. Read this whitepaper so you are better equipped to take the next step in your search for a vendor management system.

Essential Questions to Ask During a Reference Check

This reference check guide is the homestretch in your effort to secure workforce management software. After the Request for Proposal (RPF) process and product demonstrations, you’re nearing a final decision and honest feedback from other users will help you further compare the differentiators that make one talent management system stand out from another.


Download the whitepaper [Adobe PDF, 3.8M ]