Multi-Channel Workforce

The world of work is changing. Today, organizations rely on many sources of talent beyond their full-time employees – from contingent workers provided by traditional staffing agencies to statement of work-based consultants, freelancers to internal talent pools, and beyond. At SAP Fieldglass, we refer to this as the multi-channel workforce. And it’s booming. In fact, 44% of workforce spend – nearly half – is on the external workforce.

Utilizing flexible talent allows businesses to access critical skills, scale up and down to meet demand, and reduce recruiting costs and overhead. For enterprises to be successful, they need to be able to deploy these resources anywhere in the world, at any time. And they need to be able to manage them effectively.

SAP Fieldglass is the longstanding leader in external talent and services providers management. Our vendor management system (VMS) helps customers find, source and strategically manage their multi-channel workforce. In this whitepaper, discover how we can help you drive business results in a digital ecosystem and transform the way work gets done in your business.


Download the whitepaper [Adobe PDF, 733.5KB ]