The Next Frontier: Tackling Complex and Project-Based Services Spend

Companies that are formally managing their external workforces are increasingly interested in realizing similar benefits from their consulting engagements, offshore initiatives and other outsourced services typically procured through a Statement of Work (SOW). The benefits derived from managing an external workforce program also apply, and in fact multiply, when extending the solution to manage other types of services.

Many organizations institute external workforce management programs to realize cost savings. The first year of an external workforce program often yields 10-14 percent savings due to rate rationalization, supplier consolidation, etc. It becomes more difficult to maintain that level of cost savings going forward because staffing firm rates can only be squeezed so much. As customers look to increase cost savings, they often look to other areas of spend such as consulting projects, offshore operations and independent contractors.

“Many companies are focused on indirect and direct, still ignoring the services spend. The irony is that a global recession is the perfect opportunity to put this spend under management, quickly gain efficiencies in workflows, and save more money.”
The Global Enterprise Application Market Sizing Report, AMR Research

This whitepaper offers a practical and proven approach to controlling complex services spend. It outlines the key capabilities and benefits of managing not just external labor, but other types of services using the same technology infrastructure with common business processes. By adopting this approach, your company can quickly reap the benefits associated with best of breed flexible workforce management - including continuous bottom line improvement and increased compliance enforcement.


Download the whitepaper [Adobe PDF, 459.4KB ]