Vendor Accountability - Contingent Workforce Management

This whitepaper chronicles the history of the development of vendor neutrality in the U.S. staffing industry and delineates why the prevalent form of this business practice may not be optimal for staffing suppliers or their customers. Furthermore, this piece offers an alternative to the traditional definition of vendor neutrality; one that allows staffing firms to deliver their core services while providing customers with the vendor accountability they require.

“Historically, customers have insisted upon vendor neutrality due to their experience with program and staffing practices considered to be contrary to their best interests.”

Companies should want a staffing firm running their staffing program; after all, who has more experience managing complex, large-volume staffing projects than established, multi-faceted staffing firms? Customers should also want their staffing firm to play a role in providing the actual labor; who is better positioned to fill job requisitions than a staffing firm that attracts quality talent both locally and worldwide?

An independent technology platform, designed with the customer’s requirements in mind, will provide the required visibility, control and ultimately the assurance that the staffing partner is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible


Download the whitepaper [Adobe PDF, 302.6KB ]