SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management Software


Centrally deploy, manage, and pay external resources across all facilities, for all types of projects - with one solution.



Easily on-board, manage, and pay multiple resources for multiple assignments with one solution

The SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management solution simplifies how you administer external work under existing supplier agreements.  It allows you to quickly onboard multiple external workers, assign to one or more job orders, review hours with integrated time tracking, and create a service entry sheet that integrates with your ERP. 

With SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management, you can:

  • Add large volumes of external workers

  • Assign resources to any number of jobs 

  • Ensure appropriate onboarding and certifications

  • Integrate time from badging systems

  • Manage daily time and service entry sheets


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See all that you can accomplish - seamlessly - with SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management

Step 1: Register new workers and easily add large volumes of workers.

Step 2: Onboard and verify certifications so you always know you have the right person for the job.

Step 3: Consume gate data and apply pay rules by integrating directly with the badging systems.

Step 4: Allocate working time using business rules to enforce appropriate rates and pay rules.

Step 5: Integrate time-card data to generate service entry sheet, then load into your ERP.

See all that you can do:
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Watch a recorded demo of SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management and see how you can easily onboard, manage, and pay multiple resources on multiple assignments with one solution.

SAP Assignment Management key benefits

As reliance on the external workforce grows, companies must adjust their external talent management strategies. Explore the many strategic benefits SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management can bring to your business.


Gain visibility

Track each assignment: dates, location, cost center, currency, standard time/ overtime – all data is linked.

Control costs

Pay workers for multiple job functions in a single timecard using pre-negotiated rates.

Increase flexibility

Give workers multiple assignments and create assignments with multiple workers.

Use compliance controls

Ensure all labor regulations are followed on a global basis with built-in controls.

Standardize security

Standardize on/off-boarding processes to permit/rescind access to company facilities and equipment.

Boost efficiency

Deploy assignments and get your teams working immediately – minimize costly downtime and disruptions.

Integrate with ease

Use integrated time processing to calculate worked hours and populate a timecard.

Stay consistent

Enforce appropriate rates and pay rules consistently.

Explore the many capabilities of
SAP Fieldglass Assignment Management solution

Get the rich functionality you need to centrally deploy, manage, and pay external resources across all facilities and types of projects with one solution.

Manage compliance and risks

  • Standardize on-and off-boarding to control access and security

  • Ensure new hires are certified and have completed orientation

  • Rely on built-in controls designed to meet labor regulations all around the globe

  • Verify contractor is approved for future work

Flexibility to Increase Speed and Productivity

  • Give workers multiple assignments and create assignments with multiple workers—get the right people working on the right project quickly

  • Track hours by assignment, then pay workers based on agreed rate cards

  • Capture accurate clock in/clock out times with gate pass integration

  • Ensure correct hours are allocated to projects with time verification

Visibility to Improve Cost Control and Results

  • Pay for projects using pre-negotiated rates directly in the system

  • Manage budgets across entire PO and individual PO lines

  • Eliminate manual steps in the contractor time management process

  • Load timecards into your ERP to pay the contractors

Drive better business results from contractors and outsourced services

More than 60 global oil and gas companies rely on SAP Fieldglass to effectively manage contractors and outsourced services, end-to-end. Find out how we can help you drive better business outcomes, reduce risk, and more.

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Dive deeper into key topics on the contingent workforce and services providers with our additional resources including datasheets, whitepapers, analyst reports, and more.


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