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SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management Software

Build resilience and agility into your business with a well-managed, highly skilled, flexible workforce.

Elevate your flexible workforce management and services procurement

Create efficient labor programs, cut associated costs, improve worker quality, and enforce compliance with the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS).

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The external workforce is essential for resiliency and agility

Discover three key actions you can take right now to drive better business outcomes with your external workforce.

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Find, engage, manage, and pay contingent workers quickly and efficiently – all in one location.

In today’s volatile environment, you need a highly skilled flexible workforce – one you can rapidly scale up or down – to build business resilience.

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management can help you find, engage, manage, and pay all your contingent workers with one cloud-based solution. By holistically managing your non-payroll workforce in one location, you can more effectively streamline processes, enhance security, improve worker productivity, and mitigate risks across your organization.

Choose a single 360° Contingent Workforce Management solution that does it all

Rotate the wheel through the workflow to see all the stages and steps you can accomplish seamlessly with the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management solution.


FIND top talent quickly and meet market demands with the help of job templates, support tools, automated approval processes, and premier MSPs.
Request resources Customize job templates and use decision support tools to help you choose sourcing channels and classify workers correctly.
Get approvals Transform your approval process with automation to expedite processing and move projects faster.
Post requisitions Configure distribution to enable tiered posting to targeted MSPs, so premier providers can submit candidates first.
ENGAGE the best candidates for every job posting; interview, evaluate, and negotiate offers, all in one solution.
Receive candidates Identify high-quality candidates with candidate review and resume screening informed by machine learning, so you have more information at your fingertips.
Evaluate candidates Speed candidate assessments with advanced comparison tools and rank high-quality candidates based on specified attributes; complete interviewing and decision-making within the solution.
Negotiate offers Optimize pay rates against averages in your organization so you can reduce maverick spend and centralize spend controls in one place.
MANAGE your entire global workforce, including on-boarding, timecard approval, and invoicing, within a single, centralized system.
On-board workers Perform seamless, automated on-boarding with mandated background checks, security IDs, access restrictions, and more – all contained within the solution.
Approve timecards Digitize time capture, allocation, and approval for improved efficiency and visibility – all with a few clicks.
Receive invoices Comply with tax laws, invoice formats, pay and rate rules, and local regulations worldwide, in a single system.
PAY, off-board, and evaluate the performance of all your contingent workers using automated processes; then generate reports to inform future projects.
Approve invoices Generate a pro-forma invoice to streamline reconciliation and settlement each and every time; focus on valuable relationships with MSPs and suppliers rather than process payments.
Off-board workers Prompt systematic, automated access termination the moment that an assignment is complete; increase corporate security and reduce risk of stolen IP.
Evaluate workers and suppliers Use evaluation and feedback tools to track worker performance and tenure; generate comprehensive reports to assess time, cost, compliance, quality and quantity which can better inform your future hiring decisions.

Contingent Workforce Management key benefits

As reliance on the external workforce grows, companies must adjust their external talent management strategies. Scroll through just a few of the many benefits SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management can bring to your business.

Explore the many capabilities of a global
contingent workforce management solution

One clear view of job postings, every step of the way

Get visibility of your outstanding job postings including length of employment, rates, number of applications, Hiring Manager review, or approval pending. Machine learning can help identify the best candidates faster.

Better evaluation of qualified candidates

Get a clear side-by-side comparison of job candidates. Compare each worker’s Resume Rank, Qualification Score, salary, job skills, experience, and more.

On-boarding and off-boarding made simple and consistent

Automate and track both on-boarding and off-boarding of each flexible worker. Ensure the process is right every time to mitigate risk and prevent stolen IP. Easily open or close a network e-mail account; issue or retrieve company identification badges and equipment; and permit or deny security clearance – all in one record.

Easy time sheet approvals with the click of a button

Time Sheets can be approved by simply selecting the time sheet and then choosing “Approve” or “Reject.” If you need more specifics, select the “View details” hyperlink for any flexible worker.

MUFG Bank N.A. builds trust and transparency with its contingent workforce.

MUFG Union Bank N.A needed help navigating an increasingly complex contingent workforce and stricter labor laws on potential contractors.

With a focus on security, authentication, and validation, the company enlisted the help of SAP Fieldglass to establish real-time communication with its talent pool of highly qualified contingent workers.

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Employing the SAP Fieldglass solution allowed us to get ahead of the game in contingent workforce management. By bringing our contractors on board, we gained a clear picture of exactly who and where they are and a detailed view of their work assignments. 

Sandra Buhler
  Director of Contingent Workforce
  MUFG Union Bank N.A

Sandra Buhler

Philips’ leading-edge approach to talent is delivering strong business outcomes.

Royal Philips, a leading healthcare technology company, employs around 77,000 people worldwide and generates annual revenue of approximately €18.1 billion.

With the help of SAP Fieldglass, Philips has gained deep visibility into its contingent workers – seeing their responsibilities, locations, certifications, access rights, and more. 

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Ultimately, we help the business get the right skill in the right place through the right channel to get work done. 

Martin Philips
  Head of Total Workforce Management
  Royal Philips

Martin Thomas

Siemens saves $17 million in external workforce spend and expands the program globally.

Siemens is Europe’s largest electronics and electrical engineering company as well as the world’s largest provider of environmental technologies.

With a fragmented management process and multiple technologies in use, Siemens decided to implement SAP Fieldglass to enable visibility into its global workforce.

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We work with SAP Fieldglass as a solutions provider – not just a tools provider – a solutions provider to support us and roll out further in Siemens.

Phil Biddle
  Global Commodity Manager
  Temporary Labor

Phil Biddle Siemens

Swisscom’s external workforce management program delivers strong business outcomes and €3.5 million in savings.

Swisscom is a leading telecoms and IT company headquartered near the Swiss capital Bern, with around 21,500 employees.

With the merger of the company's Telecoms and IT divisions, Swisscom's contingent workforce grew to 30% of their total workforce, requiring a robust solution to better engage and manage their external talent. They chose SAP Fieldglass.

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With the Contingent Workforce module of SAP Fieldglass fully rolled out, we are starting to see real improvements to our visibility and bottom line. Our next focus is engaging with our HR colleagues to build a single talent management system to manage employees and contingent workers.

Beat Zurbuchen
  Supply Chain Project Manager

Swisscom Beat Zurbuchen

Ahli Bank customizes and deploys SAP Fieldglass in just three months.

Ahli United Bank, the largest bank in Bahrain, and its network of subsidiaries and associated companies provides retail banking, corporate banking, treasury and investment services, wealth management services, and more.

They sought a solution to manage the entire lifecycle of a contingent worker. They customized and implemented SAP Fieldglass in only 3 months and gained visibility into their contingent workforce, costs, and vendors.

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The beauty of SAP Fieldglass was it was a resource management that was customizable to our requirements. We were able to align those requirements into the system to mirror how an employee gets hired and on-boarded exactly the same way for a non-employee.

Siraj Irani
  Group Head - Project Management
  Ahli United Bank

Siraj Irani Ahli United

Experience the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management difference

Only SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management is a truly global solution that ensures you can efficiently manage your contingent workforce in 180 countries. And it’s the only solution that can be configured and integrated, so you can tailor the solution with self-service tools, and integrate it with any enterprise solution or the SAP portfolio of solutions.

Discover more of what sets SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management apart from the crowded field of VMS providers.

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We build, own, and maintain integrations with SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, and S/4HANA for the full functionality of a cross-portfolio solution.

Products are often stand-alone or one-off.


SAP Fieldglass

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Backed by rigorous testing and quality control processes refined over 20 years.

New releases often not reliable and require repair.

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Self-service configuration tools enable you to make common changes in a few steps.

Not available; Submit a formal help ticket and wait for a response to make a minor change.

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Self-service IT tools enables your IT team to implement many tasks on their own.

Not available; Submit a formal help ticket and wait for a response to make a minor change.

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Global Support

Customer tech support fluent in 21 languages.

Available in only 8 languages.



Localized employment rules and tax tables for 180 countries.

Available for only 43 countries.

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Maintain a security ID for each worker in the database.

No Security IDs.

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Track workers’ security certifications.

No tracking of workers’ security certifications.


Contingent Workforce Management overview 

Watch the video to learn more about how the solution can help companies find, engage, manage, and pay a growing flexible workforce and increase their business resilience.

Agile Procurement Insights: Agility Isn’t Always on the Payroll

In our global research, you’ll find key guidance for driving agility and resilience across your external workforce.


Our open platform and extensive integration experience makes us the top VMS provider and includes an open API framework designed and developed to work with any enterprise solution.

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