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Build resilience and agility into your business with a well-managed, highly skilled, flexible workforce.



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Initiate, engage, manage, and complete all projects with contingent workers quickly and efficiently – all in one location.

In today’s volatile environment, you need a highly skilled flexible workforce – one you can rapidly scale up or down – to build business resilience.

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management can help you initiate, engage, manage, and complete all projects with contingent workers with one cloud-based solution. By holistically managing your non-payroll workforce in one location, you can more effectively streamline processes, enhance security, improve worker productivity, and mitigate risks across your organization.

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How agile is your workforce?

Explore three insights that can help procurement and HR leaders plan for and manage an external workforce as a way to help keep their talent supply chain healthy.

Choose a single 360° Contingent Workforce Management solution that does it all

Rotate the wheel through the workflow to see all the stages and steps you can accomplish seamlessly with the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management solution.


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INITIATE projects with contingent workers quickly and meet market demands with the help of job templates, support tools, automated approval processes, and premier MSPs.
Create Requisition: Create a new requisition from an existing template and use rate cards to ensure all bill rates are enforced.
Collaborate & Approve: Communicate with internal stakeholders to nail down the details of the requisition. Grant approvals only when compliance and governance standards are met.
Post Requisition: Send requisitions that are configured by position, unit or labor category to direct sourcing platforms and/or an MSP. Target the most appropriate vendors first.
ENGAGE the best candidates for every job posting; receive, evaluate, and select candidates, then negotiate and finalize contracts, all in one solution.
Receive Candidates: View potential candidates according to their status – active job seekers, active workers, workers reaching the end date of their current engagement, and workers in a talent pool.
Evaluate & Select Candidate: Evaluate resumes that machine learning has ranked according to their match with the requisition. Schedule interviews integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
Negotiate & Finalize: Consult real-time labor rates for rate guidance and use built-in tools to streamline back-and-forth communication during negotiation.
MANAGE your entire global workforce, including onboarding, timesheet approval, and invoicing, within a single, centralized system.
Onboard Workers: Automatically initiate onboarding tasks like administering security IDs and access to systems. Third party vendors facilitate background checks.
Track Timesheets: Keep pace with the time and allocated hours that workers enter via desktop or with a mobile application.
Track Invoice & Payments: Automatically generate invoices based on approved timesheets and view remittance details.
COMPLETE the engagement by offboarding and evaluating the performance of all your contingent workers using automated processes. Review analytics and rate vendor performance.
Offboard Workers: Automatically terminate access to systems and promptly retrieve company assets like laptops to minimize security risk.
Evaluate Workers & Vendor: Evaluate workers with a star rating and/or flag as ‘do not re-hire’ to prevent rehiring. Give vendors your performance feedback on workers and the service provided.
Review Analytics: Determine vendor performance with automatically generated KPIs, such as response time, cycle time, and hire rate.
Customer Success Stories

Our customers have achieved impressive outcomes with the help of SAP Fieldglass solutions. Learn more about their journeys, challenges, and transformative business results.

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Sanlam Transforms HR with a Total Workforce Management Transformation

Discover how Sanlam empowered its contingent workers and employees with a total workforce management strategy.


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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) successfully scales its external workforce

With a 250% expected increase in its contingent workforce, LANL turned to SAP Fieldglass to replace its manual, paper-based processes with automated workflows.


Red Hat Customer Success SAP Fieldglass
Red Hat Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Managing a Contingent Workforce

Find out how Red Hat accelerated contingent worker hiring and onboarding to yield a 92% hiring manager satisfaction rate and a 7% workforce program savings.


Contingent Workforce Management key benefits

As reliance on the external workforce grows, companies must adjust their external talent management strategies. Explore the many benefits that SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management can bring to your business.

Engage top talent

Use Candidate Portal, Talent Pools, and machine learning tools to identify the best-qualified candidates faster.

Tighten security

Assign and track all flexible labor with Security Identification.

Integrate with ease

Integrate with an open API framework designed and developed to work with any enterprise solution.

Reduce costs

Save on external workforce expenditures with negotiated rates and a reduction of maverick spending.

Intuitive interface

Use pre-built job description templates, standard rate tables, and automated processes to reduce manual work.

Build MSP relationships

Access and strengthen commercial relationships with all key managed service providers on a global basis.

Strengthen compliance

Ensure full compliance with local labor laws and internal corporate regulations.

Review with analytics

Evaluate the performance of workers and vendors with automatically-generated KPIs, such as response time, cycle time, and hire rate.

Explore the many capabilities of a global
contingent workforce management solution

Get the rich functionality you need to comprehensively initiate, engage, manage, and complete all projects with contingent workers with one solution.

One clear view of job postings, every step of the way

Get visibility of your outstanding job postings including length of employment, rates, number of applications, Hiring Manager review, or approval pending. Machine learning can help identify the best candidates faster.

Better evaluation of qualified candidates

Get a clear side-by-side comparison of job candidates. Compare each worker’s Resume Rank, Qualification Score, salary, job skills, experience, and more.

On-boarding and off-boarding made simple and consistent

Automate and track both on-boarding and off-boarding of each flexible worker. Ensure the process is right every time to mitigate risk and prevent stolen IP. Easily open or close a network e-mail account; issue or retrieve company identification badges and equipment; and permit or deny security clearance – all in one record.

Easy time sheet approvals with the click of a button

Time Sheets can be approved by simply selecting the time sheet and then choosing “Approve” or “Reject.” If you need more specifics, select the “View details” hyperlink for any flexible worker.

Seeing is believing: View demo video now

Watch a recorded demo of SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management and see how you can find, engage, and manage your entire contingent workforce with one solution.

Market research and reports

Explore key contingent workforce and services procurement topics with market-focused whitepapers,

research, reports, and insights from leading experts.

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Experience the SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management difference

SAP Fieldglass has a customer retention rate of 99% because it sets itself apart from the competition. When considering a solution in the market, ask the following questions to understand the difference:


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Today’s workforce isn’t what it used to be. It’s so much more.

The benefits of the external workforce are clear: access specialized talent, sought-after skills, and on-demand capacity.

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