Services Procurement

Simplify processes, ensure compliance, and drive
cost savings across Statement of Work (SOW) engagements.

Streamline the Managing of a Variety of SOW Engagements

Today, Statement of Work (SOW)-based services and labor comprises over 40 percent of the average enterprise's total workforce.

With SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement, you can simplify how service providers - from consulting firms to field services, maintenance to marketing agencies, and beyond - are sourced, engaged and managed. Our platform can handle a variety of SOW engagements including projects, offshore/offsite, independent contractors and more.

Key Benefits

Manage Each Category Individually

Drive better results by managing categories in their own unique way.


Control Spend

Enforce use of preferred suppliers, leverage multi-bid SOW to drive competitive pricing and maintain oversight of project budgets.


Mitigate Risk

Ensure compliance to corporate policies and government regulations.


Built-in Collaboration

Work with internal staff and suppliers directly within the platform to define contracts.


Improve Quality

Track the performance of individual workers and suppliers to ensure you're receiving the level of service you expect.


Simplify Critical Processes

Streamline efforts such as vendor selection, onboarding and offboarding, time and deliverable tracking, and invoicing.

SAP Fieldglass Customers
Watch how SAP Fieldglass is helping global customers transform how work gets done.
RELX Group external workforce
RELX Group Dives into External Workforce Program Expansion with SAP Fieldglass
Siemens gains cost savings
Watch how SAP Fieldglass is helping global customers transform how work gets done.
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SAP Fieldglass has been positioned as a leader among services procurement providers by Forrester Research, Inc.

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Getting a handle on Statement of Work (SOW) spend is possible if you take a systematic approach to understanding how your organization currently uses them.

The Evolving Role of SOW Management

As the global contingent workforce grows, businesses are finding their programs must include several key capabilities for managing both traditional and emerging types of non-employee labor. 

44% of workforce spend
is on the external workforce

This is nothing short of a transformation, with far-reaching implications for the employers and employees. Learn how you can get better value from your external workforce - the use of non-payroll workers and contracted service providers - by understanding the forces reshaping how work gets done.

Account Services

Committed and experienced customer support teams.  Our dedicated account services organization can help you with everything from basic support to evolving your strategies.

The SAP Fieldglass Difference

The in-depth experience and insight of an industry leader, scaled for your business.


Deep Category Management

Configurable for unique use cases and engagement patterns.  At SAP Fieldglass, we know every services category is managed differently.  No matter what industry you're in or what type of services you seek to engage, we make it easy to support diverse services categories and their requirements.


Level of Effort Tracking

Assess performance at the supplier and individual worker level.  Evaluate whether projects are being delivered on time, on budget and up to the quality you expect.


Comprehensive Rate and Tax Framework

Manage complex invoicing and payment processes.  SAP Fieldglass supports a wide variety of global tax rules and ensures taxes, rate changes and more are applied correctly.


Global and Local Expertise

Deployed in more than 180 countries.  With the largest footprint in our industry, SAP Fieldglass has developed best practices for expanding our customers' programs around the world and how to manage them in accordance with local labor regulations.


Open Platform

A flexible framework.  We integrate with a wide variety of solutions - from major enterprise applications to smaller, self-developed tools.



Sophisticated Analytics and Reporting

Uncover critical data and insights.  Our comprehensive business intelligence tools meet the diverse information needs of all your user types and help you drive your program forward.


Learn More About SAP Fieldglass Solutions

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