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Gain instant access to external workforce efficiency with SAP Fieldglass Mobile Apps

SAP Fieldglass Mobile Apps

SAP Fieldglass mobile apps give you the functionality you need most to manage your external workforce with ease. Complete essential tasks and keep workflows moving with mobile apps that travel as far and fast as you do. 

External workforce efficiency at your fingertips

To optimize your external workforce, you need the right workers at the right time – and the ability to act quickly to obtain and oversee top talent.

SAP Fieldglass mobile apps give you instant access to a wide range of features and functionality so you can keep people, projects, and time-sensitive tasks on track, no matter where you are.


Download the SAP Fieldglass mobile apps datasheet

Get all the information you need on the SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub, SAP Fieldglass Time Entry, and SAP Fieldglass Service Orders mobile apps in this helpful datasheet.

Mobile Apps Engage

Engage, manage, and support external workers from any location and at any time.

Mobile Apps workflows

Keep important workflows moving with instant action on urgent tasks.

Mobile Apps Boost

Boost business performance through quick connections to top contractors and service providers.


Stay constantly informed with 24x7 visibility into worker-related activities.


Enhance time sheet and invoice accuracy with immediate input of hours worked.

Workers in the field

Enable external workers in the field to easily view, prioritize, and track progress on tasks as they are completed.

SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub

Hire, monitor, and manage workers on the go.


The SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub mobile app is designed to provide convenient, role-based access to key capabilities from our desktop application on your mobile device.


Benefits of the SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub mobile app: 

  • Log in quickly and securely via PIN or biometric identification.
  • Expedite worker engagement with options to create job postings, vet and shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, hire workers, review rates, and create and revise work orders.
  • See worker status and alerts at a glance through the My Workers dashboard.
  • Oversee and approve/reject worker activities, time sheets, and expense sheets.
  • View and process pending approvals, interviews, work items, and more.
Gain oversight
Approve work
Shortlist job seekers
Hire workers

SAP Fieldglass Time Entry

Enter work hours anyplace, anytime.


By making it simple to manage time sheets on a mobile device, the SAP Fieldglass Time Entry mobile app helps external workers focus more on the job and less on logistics.


Benefits of the SAP Fieldglass Time Entry mobile app: 

  • Quickly record, review, and revise hours worked without logging into a desktop application.
  • Input hours on a daily basis to enhance reporting accuracy.
  • Instantly respond to rejected time sheets and keep invoicing cycles on track.
  • See up-to-the-minute status of previous and pending time sheets.
Mobile Apps - Never be late
Mobile Apps - That Was Easy
Mobile Apps - You can enter
Mobile Apps - Enter time

SAP Fieldglass Service Orders

Easily track tasks and progress in the field.


Designed for external workers located out in the field, this mobile app makes it possible to view and record the completion of tasks on an immediate basis, with functionality that includes the ability to:

View work items and tasks sorted by status and expected completion date.


SAP Fieldglass Service ORders

Mark items complete as work gets done and track payment. 


SAP Fieldglass Mobile Apps Service Orders

Attach and enter a description of supporting documents, such as photos and receipts, to show that work was completed or supplies were purchased.

SAP Fieldglass Service Orders

Benefits of the SAP Fieldglass Service Orders mobile app: 

  • View work items and tasks sorted by status and expected completion date
  • Mark items complete as work gets done
  • Attach and enter a description of supporting documents, such as photos and
    receipts, to show that work was completed or supplies were purchased

Get started today

To begin using either mobile app, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub, SAP Fieldglass Time Entry, or SAP Service Orders.  

Manager Hub

SAP Fieldglass Manager Hub

Time Entry

SAP Fieldglass Time Entry

SAP Fieldglass Service ORders

SAP Fieldglass Service Orders