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Managing services doesn’t have to be complex or risky if you have the right solution. We’ve built it for you.



Manage services procurement with one cloud-based solution that maximizes business value

Procurement teams today face many mandates: control costs, streamline processes, mitigate risk, and carry out strategic business objectives.

The SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement solution simplifies how projects with external services providers - from consulting firms to agencies to maintenance crews - are initiated, engaged, managed, and completed. With a single, integrated cloud solutions, you can reduce risk and securely track the who, what, where, why, and how of each assignment. Go beyond controlling costs and maximize the business value of every bit of your services spend.


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Are you getting the most value from your services providers?

To do so, you must manage them using very different approaches and levels of visibility and insights. We’ll show you how.

Choose a 360° Services Procurement management solution that does it all

Rotate the wheel through the workflow to see all the stages and steps you can accomplish seamlessly with the SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement solution.


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INITIATE service requests with a competitive bidding process that allows you to collaborate on bid criteria with colleagues, expedite approvals for authorized terms and budgets, and then distribute the request for services providers to respond.
Create Service Request: Produce service orders and statements of work from pre-populated templates.
Collaborate & Approve: Communicate easily with internal stakeholders to nail down the details of the request before sending it to vendors.
Distribute Service Request: Send requests to a selected vendor or use robust bidding tools to solicit responses from a list of preferred vendors.
ENGAGE your selected vendor through the negotiation process following a side-by-side evaluation of all responses; then finalize your agreement
Receive Responses: Evaluate responses sent by vendors.
Evaluate & Select Response: Compare key information like cost, duration, location, and number and type of workers for each vendor, side-by-side.
Negotiate & Finalize Agreement: Conduct back-and-forth vendor negotiation using built-in communication tools to reach final agreement.
MANAGE all global services engagements within a single, centralized system; securely onboard workers, track deliverables, validate work, and generate invoices.
Onboard Workers: Automatically kick off onboarding tasks like assigning Security IDs and providing access to systems. Prevent workers who are flagged as ‘do not re-hire’ from being onboarded.
Track Timesheets & Milestones: Approve timesheets, expenses, milestones, and deliverables on a recurring, due date, or price per unit basis.
Validate & Approve Work: Ensure services were performed as expected either from a desktop or remotely with an SAP Fieldglass mobile application.
Track Invoice & Payments: Generate invoice details, approve time worked, and view remittance details.
COMPLETE the workflow with automated offboarding, such as terminating system access and retrieving assets, and give performance feedback on the service provided.
Offboard Workers: Minimize security risks with prompt, automated termination of access to systems and retrieval of assets like laptops.
Close & Evaluate Service: Give performance feedback to vendors on the workers and the services they provided.
Customer Success Stories

Our customers have achieved impressive outcomes with the help of SAP Fieldglass solutions. Learn more about their journeys, challenges, and transformative business results.

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Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) successfully scales its external workforce

With a 250% expected increase in its contingent workforce, LANL turned to SAP Fieldglass to replace its manual, paper-based processes with automated workflows.


CapGemini and SAP Fieldglass
Capgemini drives global growth with highly skilled external talent

Find out how Capgemini now captures 85% of its global contingent workforce spend with SAP Fieldglass solutions and reduced its time-to-fill rate by 60%.

Accenture achieves a new level of intelligent procurement

Discover how Accenture implemented one global platform and a suite of SAP solutions to support all spend management activity.


SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement key benefits

As reliance on the external workforce grows, companies must adjust their external talent management strategies. Explore the many benefits that SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement can bring to your business.


Gain visibility

Track and manage the who, what, where, why, and how of the workers you engage.

Increase efficiency

Tailor templates, fields, and language to your business and eliminate manual work arounds.

Intuitive to use

Remove guesswork with an intuitive interface, AI-enabled chatbot, and Decision Wizard to guide you.

Review with analytics

Base procurement decisions on accurate, detailed performance data.

Strengthen resiliency

Scale services projects up or down to meet market demands.

Enforce compliance

Comply with local tax and labor regulations, meet government mandates, enforce internal policies.

Tighten security

Capture security certifications for highly regulated industries.

Rely on accuracy

Eliminate overcharges, duplicate payments, and fee errors.

Explore the many capabilities of a global
services management solution

Get the rich functionality you need to comprehensively initiate, engage, manage, and complete all projects with services providers with one solution.

See all your SOWs in one place

Gather all the relevant information for real-time monitoring and management of a program into one easy-to-use interface.

Have all the details of a SOW at your fingertips

Easily track and manage a SOW with payment line items, milestones, deliverables, and service master rates.

Keep track of services budget and SOW spend

See the progress of a work order with a user-friendly summary dashboard: from securely on-boarding and off-boarding, to managing services spend, to tracking the latest status of approvals and items needed for completion. Ensure a project is on time and on budget.

View a demo video and see how the solution works

Watch a recorded demo of SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement and see how you can find, engage, and manage all external services providers with one solution.

Experience the SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement difference

SAP Fieldglass has a customer retention rate of 99% because it sets itself apart from the competition. When considering a solution in the market, ask the following questions to understand the difference:

Talent disruption may be here for a while. Are you prepared?

With unprecedented disruption in the labor market today, the need for new workforce strategies has never been greater. Enter the external workforce.

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research, reports, and insights from leading experts.

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Dive deeper into key topics on the contingent workforce and services providers with our additional resources including datasheets, whitepapers, analyst reports, and more.


How can you create a competitive advantage amid chaos?

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