Total Workforce Management


Optimize how you plan, staff, onboard, manage, and pay both your employees and external workers.



What is Total Workforce Management?

To attract the best talent and boost organizational agility today, your business needs the ability to efficiently see and manage all types of labor: full-time employees and contingent labor, including temporary workers and freelancers, in a single place. SAP defines this as a Total Workforce Management strategy.


Integrate excellence with SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System and SAP SuccessFactors

With the integration of two best-in-class solutions, SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) and SAP SuccessFactors, organizations gain a single source of truth for workforce data so your business can:

  • Gain visibility into your workforce
  • Optimize how you plan, staff, onboard, develop, and pay full-time employees and contingent labor
  • Create engaging experiences for your workforce
  • Proactively plan for the future
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Explore the many capabilities of
a Total Workforce Management strategy

Get the rich functionality you need to comprehensively build, manage and maintain your organization’s total workforce.

See and manage your total workforce around the globe

Get a single view into your global workforce with a common data model shared across SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System. Find the best talent and reduce the time to fill critical gaps with a single, searchable talent pool. The solution is informed by a deep understanding of local labor, tax, and regulatory compliance laws, with support localization in 140 countries.

Plan, source, onboard, manage, and pay your workforce across all types of labor

Understand, manage, and optimize all aspects of the workforce from planning, staffing, onboarding, working, paying, and closing of projects and financial statements. Use an intuitive total workforce management dashboard and analytics to determine the effectiveness of your talent mix and strategies for how to staff resources based on forecasted or projected needs.

Capture worker information in a single system

Drill into worker profiles for full time and contingent resources and create coherent org charts so you can maintain a complete worker directory. Easily track and report on training, education, site tagging, onboarding/ offboarding, equipment, etc by worker type.

Deliver bottom-line impacts with data-driven decisions

Tailor metrics for both full-time employees and external workers to specific business needs so HR, Procurement and Finance leaders can effectively manage headcounts, performance, budgets, and projects. Quickly respond to short-term needs and reallocate staff with accurate assessments and simulations for scenario planning.

Benefits of a Total Workforce Management strategy

A Total Workforce Management strategy can help your organization increase engagement, deliver visibility, and better understand the needs of both your employees and your external workforce. Learn about more benefits below.


Increased engagement

Boost engagement, productivity, and bottom-line business impact with both full-time employees and contingent labor.

Inclusion and visibility

Gain one view of all workers with complete worker profiles, org charts, and a comprehensive worker directory.

Actionable insights

Tailor metrics for both full-time employees and external workforce to meet your business needs.

Optimized workforce

Build an optimized workforce with a complete understanding of their engagement and effectiveness.

Trackable training

Ensure both employees and external workers have the correct trainings and certifications to perform the work.


End-to-end control

Manage all processes through a single, centralized system for end-to-end visibility and control.

Meet market demands

Boost business stability and responsiveness by initiating projects quickly to meet market demands.

Minimize risk

Automated oversight and compliance can minimize organizational risk.

Customer Success Stories

Our customers have faced external workforce management challenges and achieved transformative business results. Read their stories.

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What is Total Workforce Management?

Summary: Gain a comprehensive view into your workforce by adopting a total workforce management strategy.

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