Worker Profile Management Solution

SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management Software

Efficiently manage and track your external workforce with standardized worker records in one place.


Keep track of workers not on your payroll

With 42% of workforce spend now going to external resources* – contingent workers like independent contractors, gig workers and freelancers as well as services providers like consulting firms or marketing agencies – it's more important now than ever to know who's working for you.

With SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management, you can see and maintain a standardized record of all your global, external workers in one place: contact information, work history, tenure, security ID, certifications, access to company assets, and more.

Strengthen compliance and reduce risk by gaining visibility into ALL your external workers. 

  • See all contact information, work history, tenure, certifications, and more in one view.
  • More effectively manage headcount, reporting, and audit tasks.
  • Fully automate on- and off-boarding tasks.
  • Boost security and reduce risk by engaging only eligible, qualified workers.
  • Ensure all company assets are retrieved upon completion of the work.
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Worker Profile Management key benefits

As the contingent workforce grows, companies must adjust their external talent management strategies. Scroll through just a few of the many benefits SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management can bring to your business.

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Explore the many capabilities of a global contingent workforce management solution

Standardized Data Record and Profile

Maintain a consistent and standardized data record for each external worker: name, phone, and email; master worker ID, type of work, and length of contract; and vendor, supervisor, and security ID.

Single source of truth for external worker data

See your worker profiles together in the SAP Fieldglass database; track project status; receive notices for outstanding tasks; or drill down into worker categories with analytics.

On-boarding and Off-boarding Tasks

  • Automate and track on-boarding activities like completing background checks and security training.

  • Automate and track off-boarding activities like closing the network ID and retrieving the security badge.

View a demo video to see the solution in action

Watch a recorded demo of SAP Fieldglass Worker Profile Management and see how you can track and maintain a standardized record of all your global workers in one place.

Experience the SAP Fieldglass Services Procurement difference

SAP Fieldglass has a customer retention rate of 99% because it sets itself apart from the competition. When considering a solution in the market, ask the following questions to understand the difference:


SAP Fieldglass

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  • +200 existing implementations with Workday and numerous with Oracle
  • Out-of-the-box APIs and tools to integrate end-to-end business process
  • Integrations with vast ecosystem of 3rd-party solutions and partners
  • How many Workday or Oracle implementations have you completed?
  • How does your solution integrate with SAP?
  • How are your solutions integrated beyond having the same user interface design?
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  • Rigorous development, testing, and quality control processes refined by a team of industry experts
  • 20 years of timed releases and continuous innovations
  • What is your development, testing, and quality control process?
  • How often do releases get delayed?
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  • Configuration Manager, an industry-leading self- service tool, allows you to make changes on your own
  • Self-service changes can take effect instantly
  • What is the process for making changes to my instance?
  • How long will I have to wait for a minor change to take effect?
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  • Vigorous product roadmap and most feature-rich solution in the market
  • Leads the industry with innovative cloud solutions for over 20 years
  • Advanced analytics capabilities give you access to real-time data, so you can use pre-made dashboards, build custom reports, and manage KPIs.
  • Mobile apps and built-in communication tools facilitate collaboration
  • Automated tasks track certifications and security identifications of individual workers
  • Different categories of spend, all managed with one solution
  • What features are on your product roadmap?
  • How long have they been there?
  • What are the reporting and analytics capabilities?
  • How can I communicate with resources in the field? Collaborate with colleagues?
  • How does your solution track certifications and security IDs of individual workers?
  • How does your solution handle different categories of spend?
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  • Available in 190 countries
  • Localized to accommodate country and regional differences
  • Tech Support in 21 languages
  • How large is your global footprint?
  • Where is your solution localized by language and regulation?
  • Where are your support teams located?

Worker Profile Management overview 

Watch the video to learn more about the solution that helps businesses track and manage all non-traditional workers not tied to a job posting or Statement of Work (SOW).

SAP Fieldglass on-boarding and off-boarding

Automate on-boarding and off-boarding processes to ensure a positive worker experience and meet corporate guidelines.

SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System

Read the overview and benefits of our industry-leading VMS, an open platform that guides users through the process of procuring external talent and services.

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