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Our regular readers know by now that we use this space each month to recognize our upcoming 15th anniversary in business. We’ve covered a variety of topics, from our acquisition news to the many aliases of the contingent workforce, and everything in between.

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Weekly Wrapup

Freelance Nation: One Third of US Workers Are Freelancers
A recent study from The Freelancers Union shows that 34 percent of America’s workforce is freelancers. It’s time to accept this new economy and take a closer look at the nuances of freelance work. (via Yahoo)

Surviving the Dot-Com Crash
Fieldglass CEO Jai Shekhawat discusses the lessons he’s learned in 15 years of business, and shares six survival tips for startups. (via Built in Chicago)

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When the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its August jobs report last week, the 142,000 new jobs created was a disappointment by almost any measure. Many economists were predicting job gains in the 220,000-240,000 range. The unexpectedly low number breaks the streak of six straight months with 200,000+ jobs created, signaling potential weakness moving forward. Additionally, the strong jobs report from June was revised down from 298,000 to 267,000. 

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Weekly Wrapup

Tips to Rate and Evaluate Your Vendors
Follow these industry-proven metrics to help evaluate and improve your vendor relationships. Embracing suppliers and vendors can help drive operations and profits. (via Inc.com)

Five Ways Cloud Changes Will Impact You
Cloud technology is evolving and improving. Click through these slides to see what benefits these changes could offer you. (via IT Business Edge)

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Weekly Wrapup

Top VMS/MSP Trends That Are Changing the Industry
As the contingent workforce industry grows, there are a number of emerging trends that could affect your company. Here are some changes to watch. (via Zenith Talent)

Extend Talent Management Support to Contingent Workforce
Is it time to offer talent management support to your temporary workers? The benefits could include enhanced productivity and brand loyalty. (via CWS 3.0)