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In this blog series, we share articles authored by members of the SAP Fieldglass team that provide expertise on hot topics in the flexible workforce management industry.

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In this final post of our Must Do's for a Successful VMS Implementation series, we're going to explore an essential component of your program - your supplier community. Let's dig in!

Your suppliers will be impacted by your selection of a VMS just as much as your internal stakeholders will. This is the system that will now guide all external worker job requisitions, candidate submissions, invoicing and more. If the supplier doesn't embrace the new technology, their ability to provide contingent resources will be impacted.

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There's one question every student dreads as their undergraduate career comes to an end: what are your plans for after graduation? Rather than focusing solely on searching for full time opportunities, graduates today would be wise to consider contracting. From flexible schedules and exposure to different projects, to developing varied skillsets and well-paid assignments, the benefits of freelancing speak for themselves.

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We've shared some background information and a sneak peek video of our annual Best Practices Summit. Today, I'm going to give you more insight into our education sessions. Our breakouts feature both SAP Fieldglass and customer speakers so that attendees can hear from their peers who have been there, done that.

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SAP Fieldglass is excited to share in the powerful partnership between Microsoft and SAP by integrating our VMS with Microsoft Office 365 applications. The integration redefines productivity for business users by allowing them to connect in the cloud, simplifying the procurement and management of external workforce programs.